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Poland, 1971



The critics need to find certain individual qualities by which they like to identify artists. It can be said about Piotr Perski that he is a painter of the skies of Barcelona ever since he settled there in 1998 and what he has achieved in all these years justifies such denomination. His paintings, which have been exposed in many important galleries of the city, like Sala Parés and Jordi Barnadas and in countries like the United States, Cyprus, Poland and Germany are a proof of the painter's particular interest in the subject. He has received grants from: MAEE, Mondariz Wellness Foundation, Talens, and Institute Ramon Llull. In his desire to discover new ways of looking at landscapes in Spain and particularly in Barcelona he will paint a subject that has been "done" a dozen times but now it will have this special stamp of his personal experience. When Piotr Perski works with urban landscapes, interiors, everyday objects and flowers he converts painting "from nature" into the experience of vital importance, and its pictorial expression is more revealing than might be assumed from the first superficial look.



Geras Tousignant Gallery in San Francisco: www.gtfineart.com
Sala Parés in Barcelona: www.salapares.com
Jordi Barnadas Galery Barcelona: www.barnadas.com
Barnadas Huang Gallery in Singapore: www.barnadashuang.com




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