Nicosia Project

Nicosia 360º' , 20cm x 15m, oil on wood, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2011

The old techniques of painting have a lot to do with pure expression and personal way of seeing the reality. Painting can communicate the ideas well and build a new artificial structure or a proposal for the future. We can understand art as the act of significance, the act of manifestation of imagination which can create possible worlds.

My idea is to bring together in the artistic way the whole horizon of Nicosia this ancient capital city of Cyprus still divided into two parts. I have decided to work directly, painting the landscape-horizon from the highest building of the city to get the entire view of 360º. My proposal is to paint long horizon of the Turkish part of the city as well of the Greek one. So in the end we can have an opportunity to see whole city together, the global view, (180º+ 180º=360º). Even if is it just an imaginative artistic invention.





Stones 2000-2012

Installation, various sizes, direct stamps and frottage on Japan paper, and photography

Piotr Perski explores as well other means of creative expression in his work. To this category belongs his project to save the inscriptions on the stone slabs in the cloister of the Barcelona Cathedral, Stones 2000-2012. In the first phase of the project the artist intends to reproduce the inscriptions on the stone floor of the cloister by means of the technique of direct prints (frottage) and to investigate their original meaning.

As stated by the artist: (…) stones interest me from the aesthetical point of view, their sophisticated compositions and historical importance. The project I am presenting here closes another stage of my work… I am trying to restore some of the memory of the stones in the cloister in the Cathedral. I watch with despair as many stone plaques on the floor are being covered with cement, are lost for ever, only to make it easier for the tourists to visit the grounds of the Cathedral. Is it impossible to recover at least part of the memory of the experience that fades away with time? I must do something, at least leave the proof of the lost meaning of their traces.

(Piotr Perski, 2000-2012, Memory of the Project)